Sunset on the west shore of Molokai. 24047-swimming-in-the-pink-sunset-1920x1080-beach-wallpaper beautiful_beach_pink_sunset_2560x1600 pink_sunset_2504santorini-sunset-greece-church spain-spain-beach-sea-calm-water-quiet-reflection-wooden-bridge-bridge-night-orange tumblr_lvn85bminL1qjfxmmo1_1280

There were many influences for my blog name changed to Wanderlife (formally it was A Fox That Meows). An obvious one is a spin off from the German word ‘Wanderlust’, meaning a joyful lust in preparation for adventure. My partner Chris, who is also my photographer & business parter is also german, so naturally I’ve got a thing for the german language as well!

Like all new beginnings, I’m still finding my feet. A section of my blog that i expect to grow this year is ‘Travel’. Right now I wish I could say I’m jet setting off next week to be a traveling gypsy kid, but work has me tied to Sydney for a little while longer, so all I can do right now is dream…

Sometimes my dreams of traveling aren’t about a particular location, more of a feeling from the past. Like watching a sunset turn into incredible shades of red, pink, purple and blue. It sounds corny, but when the sky puts on a show like that, you can’t help but to stop and stare, becoming overwhelmingly grateful for the present, because the present moment is all there ever is.

So tonight here are a few of my favourite sunset images, to ponder just how beautiful this planet is.

I can’t wait to get away again soon.

xox Fox

  • February 18, 2015
Rochelle Fox
Rochelle Fox
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Rochelle is the founder of Wanderlife.tv. She's a big thinker, a dreamer and full time wanderer.

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