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Wohoo! I’m finally away! I’ve been waiting for this Bali trip for what feels like forever. Chris and I were meant to jet off right after Europe last year, but as you may or may not remember I had some medical crap go on, which meant I had to stay put for the last 8 or so months. This is my second visit to Bali, but it honestly feels like the first time, because on my last trip here it was only for 3 days and I spent most the time in my Villa drinking margaritas and its all a little bit of a blur! This time it’s been all about exploring and soaking up all there is to love about Bali! Our first two nights where spent at IZE in Seminyak, which is a super modern hotel part of ‘Lifestyle Retreats’ on the main road through Seminyak. Chris and I plan to be doing a lot more traveling this year, so Wanderlife is going to be getting a lot more travel content as a way to give you guys some more travel inspo. As part of this i’ll be reviewing hotels, so you can get be informed for your next trip!

Here’s my low down on IZE Seminyak:

Location:  Super central and ideal if you want to be in the heart of Seminyak!

How long did I stay: 2 nights


  • Roof top pool and Bar with a big beautiful infinity pool
  • Super huge shower heads, I love a big shower head 🙂
  • Very modern interior and cool mix of western and modern balinese architectural design.
  • IZE is super clean, cleaner than some hotels I’ve seen at home the staff are onto it at all times.
  • Location location if you want a few days of shopping and restaurant hopping IZE’s location is prime!

Things to keep in Mind:

  • IZE is in the heart of Seminyak, which isn’t known for it’s tranquility. So if you’re looking for that quiet hotel away from everything, this may not be the place for you. It can be a little loud at night but that dies down by around 11pm which is just another reason to stay out a little longer and explore the area.


  • Buffet breakfast daily, which has the most amazing traditional balinese cakes. I basically ate there whole selection everyday so good!
  • Great outdoor restaurant within the hotel that looks onto the main road, excellent for people watching and a cocktail or two.
  • Close to an abundance of other restaurant, Seminyak’s main road has Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Western food and some of the best vegetarian and vegan cafes in Bali. If you’re like me and enjoy gluten free, sugar free, vegan and vegetarian raw foods, then you’ll love how close IZE is to Earth Cafe. If your not familiar with Earth Cafe it’s a super cool vegan and raw bar in the heart of Seminyak, everything there is organic, cruelty free and delicious. Alot of Balinese are Hindu making delicious vegetarian food available everywhere in Bali. 

Wifi: Is a 7/10. Bali’s wifi is generally petty slow, but IZE have managed to get there speed above average. 

Big Thanks you to Lifestyle Retreats for hosting our short but great stay! Stay tuned for my next lifestyle retreats review featuring the amazing Santai in Bali!

  • May 06, 2015
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