Tweed Heads, you’re beautiful

Who would have thought that we’d find a place on the Australian East Coast, that isn’t Sydney, but feeling just so much like home.
A couple of months ago we settled in a beautiful little coastal town called Tweed Heads. It’s just below Surfers Paradise, and the word Paradise is a great word to describe it.



The Winter here was extremely mild and it hardly rained at all. Sunrise from our little Headland Apartment is one of the most regularly refreshing experiences of recent memory.
There is something special about waking up before the Sun rises above the Horizon. It’s as though one exclaims to the planet “I am here, and i am ready”. Beyond that it’s also just as beautiful as Sunset…except there is hardly anyone around.




Whenever the view infront of us is too gorgeous to describe, we pull out the camera phone, to try and freeze that moment, and with this blog post we’d like to share some of those moments.





It looks like we may be staying here for a while longer, perhaps even till the end of the year. Its been an actionfilled 1.5 Years since we left regular life in Darling Point, but while we’re both working away on our Online businesses it can also be beneficial at times to slow down, drop the suitcase and smell the flowers. 🙂




Photos: Chris Soll

  • August 16, 2016
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Reply August 19, 2016

Omg the photos are amazing, i kept looking at them trying to visualize me being there? awesome views ???

Daisy Candle

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