YouTube is an amazing, engaging and exciting platform, that’s only just getting bigger and better by the day.YouTube has been growing momentum for some time now, and as has serious players on the vlogging scene with millions of subscribers eagerly waiting for their favourite vlogger to press post on new content, so they can stream it on demand. I’ve been an avid YouTube subscriber and viewer for some time and wanted to share with you some of the best travel Vloggers on the scene, that have inspired me to start my own YouTube adventure as well! If you don’t know or subscribe to these guys, I suggest you give them some Love, because they are all kick ass creators and will surely add some quality viewing time to your life.

Fun For Louis
– Louis is a British born, but worldwide based daily Vlogger, (yep I said daily), who travels the world and records it all for his subscribers viewing pleasure. Watching Louis daily is inspiring to say the least, his high vibe yet chilled approach to life and all of it’s up’s and down’s is what has kept me coming back to see his world and witness the adventure that is his life.

Mr Ben Brown
Ben is another awesome daily Vlogger that also travels non stop around the world, splitting his home base between Cape town where his GF is based and the UK. Ben’s vlog is an intimate account of his daily life that’s never boring. Ben has an inspiring attitude towards daily Vlogging and I personally love this quote by him – “You know what happens if you stop, but you don’t know what happens if you keep going.” Which is an awesome attitude and perspective to have in this game.

The Vagabrothers
I found these brothers and non stop travellers via Louis and Ben’s channels and was hooked instantly. The brothers are super informative and follow a different format to most the Vlogs I follow, as their videos are a lot more informative and information based, which has made their vlogs a really great source to check out before I go somewhere they have already been.

Brooke Saward OR World of Wanderlust
I found Brooke’s YouTube channel through her incredible and inspiring site ‘World Of Wanderlust’.  Brooke is a 20 something world traveler, that no only Vlog’s but also runs a comprehensive and informative site on Travel ( Brooke’s Vlogs are super informative and give a great insight into her travels and act as an online tour to her world wide adventures. I personally love how hands on Brooke is and admire that she mostly travels Solo. You go girl!

Casey Neistat.
If you don’t know Casey, well stop reading and start watching. I discovered Mr Neistat only this year and i wish I had found him sooner. With an incredibly inspiring work ethic and attitude to live by, Casey Vlogs daily from where ever he may be. 2015 has been a massive year for him as he juggles marriage, a new baby, a new Technology company ‘BEME’, daily vlogging and everything else that comes with life. I’m a daily addict of Casey’s blog and I am sure you will be too.

  • September 19, 2015
Rochelle Fox
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Inês Serôdio
Reply October 20, 2015

Follow them all and they are all great!

Bohunka Kosova
Reply June 12, 2016

Hi there, if you are into food, check It is a food and travel blog / vlog with recipes I collected on my travels, exotic ingredient photos from their homeland …. It is connected with youtube channel ( with authentic videos from cooking around the world. All original made from love to traveling, food and local people :)

Sara Schiman
Reply July 18, 2016

This is a fantastic list - I watch most of these vloggers! My boyfriend and I left our jobs to travel the world full time in December and vlog daily at - would love to be considered for the next list!

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