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Es Vedra, Ibiza. The 3rd most magnetic spot on Earth.

While you’re here in Ibiza, chances are that comes to mind are some of the best night clubs in the world. And yes, while Amnesia and Pacha are a must see on the island, there is much more than just partying to experience on this mysterious island.
My 2015 trip to Ibiza with Together Week (which you can read all about here) was a trip I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. While there are without a doubt some shady not so clear memories of nights out, there was one trip in particular while in Ibiza that is vividly clear in my memory, my visit to see the mysterious Es Vedra. Es Vedra is a uninhabited limestone rock island soaring 400metres above sea level and situated  2-3km off the western coast line of Ibiza. It can be viewed perfectly from a cliff along the Ibiza coast line. Describing Es Vedra is hard to put into words, it’s a place of natural beauty, intense power and magic that needs to be experienced to be understood.
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Es Vedra isn’t exactly easy to get to, with a hire car needed and someone that knows the area or is good at finding their way through winding dirt roads, but the trip is well worth it. I personally was left speechless when Es Vedra first appeared in my eyesight as there’s an immense beauty this hauntingly beautiful rock that needs to be seen to be believed.
Before visiting Es Vedra I knew little about it, other than that it is said be be the third most magnetic spot on the planet after the north pole and mysteries Bermuda Triangle. It’s magnetic field is so powerful that compasses lose their ability to get a clear reading and navigational instruments are useless in the area surrounding the island. Since experiencing the islands power myself, I’ve done a little more research and I’m not the only one that feels there’s more to this magnetic rock than meets the eye. Es Vedra has been the centre of myths, legends and stories for years. Many generations seem to agree that there’s more than meets the eye!
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  • UFO sightings and a secret UFO base.

There have been countless UFO sightings around the area of Es Vedra not only in the sky but below the sea. With many ibiza locals believing there is an under water UFO base after sightings of Unidentified Swimming Objects and circular lights beneath the sea that have deterred local boats and fisherman from exploring the surrounding area. At night Es Vedra is said to be a great UFO spotting location, with much activity and clear skies.
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  • Healing and Inspiration

The magnetic energy and general vibe of Es Vedra is said to act as a natural place of healing and place of inspiration. Meditating on the coast line of Ibiza with Es Vedra in view is said to be a powerful experience and many locals often make the trip to Es Vedra to meditate and to undertake other spiritual activities.

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  • Atlantis

Perhaps one of the coolest legends surrounding Es Vedra is that found directly opposite to Es Vedra on the Island of Ibiza is the ‘natural cave of Atlantis’, suspected as the tip of the long lost city. If you’re curious to find it there’s agruelling unmarked treck. The location of the cave is an Ibiza local secret and isn’t easy to found without a local guide. If you’re lucky enough to find the cave you’ll be rewarded with incredible art works drawn by local artists and a tranquil swimming hole.
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  • Sea Nyphms and home of the Phoenician goddess, Tanit.

Es Vedra’s mystical stories go way back 1000’s of years with stories of sea Nyphms and mermaids calling the rock island home.  Es Vedra is also known to be the sacred home and birth place of of Tanit, who is known as the goddess and protector of woman and is well documented in the Ibizan history books. 
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One thing is for sure, Es Vedra will impress you and wether you believe the legends or not, it’s an impressive natural land mark that will make your next Ibizan trip just that little bit more special!

How can I spend more than 90 days in Europe?

What are the Schengen Visa loop holes and tricks?

These were just a couple of the questions I’ve found in my google search engine history from my travels in 2015. For any non European citizens traveling to Europe on a Schengen Visa for an extended period of time, maximising the time on the continent is a high priority. Once you’re there, it’s unlikely you’ll want to leave anytime soon and who can blame you. Europe is awesome and the European summer stretches a lot longer than 90 days.
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During my 2015 travels I was faced with the challenge of staying in Europe for more than three months without breaking the law. There are very few if any loop holes in the EU/Schengen zone rule book, but there is one that isn’t going to be around much longer which I’ve personally tried and tested with much success.
Croatia, one of Europe’s most picturesque countries is also one of the most recent joining members of the EU, and have been a little slow at joining the Schengen zone. In other words, loop hole!
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Incase you’re not up to speed with EU visas, here’s the lowdown. The Schengen zone is made up of a collection of countries within the EU that have decided to participate in the Schengen zone visa system. This creates a single visa option that allows non EU citizen to spend a total of 90 days per 180 days of the year in Schengen zone countries (which is basically all of Europe) with the exception of England, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria and right now Croatia!
So therefore non EU citizens can spend 90 days hopping across Europe and then still enjoy up to another 3 months in Croatia, which technically means you can be in the EU for up to six months. I personally used this trick and spent a month enjoying the croatian coast line, visiting the island of Hvar, Bol and Croatia’s second biggest city Split. My month in Croatia was incredible and by far one of the biggest highlights of my trip to Europe.
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So if you’re looking for ways to spend more than 90 days enjoying the European summer, some time seaside in Croatia at any of their amazing Croatian islands is one way to do it. Our advice is don’t wait, because Croatia will soon join the long list of Schengen zone countries within the EU and this sunny loop hole will be no more!
All the more reason to book a ticket and just go! 🙂

Ubud Monkey Forest (2 of 12)Ubud Monkey Forest (1 of 12) Ubud Monkey Forest (8 of 12)Ubud Monkey Forest (3 of 12) Ubud Monkey Forest (4 of 12) Ubud Monkey Forest (9 of 12)Ubud Monkey Forest (5 of 12)    Ubud Monkey Forest (11 of 12)Ubud Monkey Forest (10 of 12) copyUbud Monkey Forest (7 of 12) On Wanderlife’s trip to Bali this year we ventured to Ubud. Ubud has made a name for itself as one of Bali’s ‘spiritual centres’ and over the years developed a thriving tourism industry for travelers wanting to see the ‘real bali’. Within Ubud amongst the rice paddies is Ubud’s famous sacred Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary of Padangtegal. A protected area for the local monkeys where they are fed, cared for and worshiped by locals.

Like many sacred spots in Bali, the Ubud Monkey Forest has become a booming tourist attraction and for 30,000Rp (2-3 USD) you can go and explore the forest for yourself. After having our own slightly scary experience in the forest, here are our Wanderlife Travel tips to keep in mind when visiting.

Wanderlife Tips for Ubud’s Monkey Forest

– Monkeys are wild animals. Sure, these monkeys have become accustomed to human interaction, but this doesn’t make them any less wild, you can’t pat or play with wild animals.

– Ubud’s monkeys are very smart. The monkeys here are renowned for stealing anything and everything, cameras, phones, food you name it, given the chance they will nick it. If possible we suggest to leave your bags in a locked car, keep your camera straps on and only enter with empty pockets.

-You can feed them, but we would not suggest it. One of the biggest buzzes around the monkey forest is that you can feed the monkeys, but we highly suggest you skip doing so. There is a stand selling small bananas within the sanctuary, where you can buy food for the monkey. But watch out as they hand around near the stand looking out for people buying the bananas. Expect to lose 3 out of your 5 bananas in the first 10 seconds. The monkeys don’t wait patiently for you to hand them a banana like you would hope, they’re wild and unpredictable and feeding them is risky business.

– Monkeys bite! There are many accounts of monkey attacks and bites from visitors coming to the Ubud sanctuary. Not surprisingly most occur from those feeding the monkeys and resisting to let the food drop when they come up. While you’re not likely to get attacked unless you have something they want, if you do have something and you resist giving it there is a high chance you’ll be attacked.

– Water bottles are a no no. Your humble water bottle is a prime target for Ubud’s monkeys and is more than likely going to attract thieving monkeys looking for water. Yes the Ubud monkeys know how to unscrew and drink from a water bottle and so it’s best to avoid brining one into the forest. 

– Watch what you wear, I made a rookie error here and wore a long flowing Camilla Kaftan. It was great for photos, but a prime target for trickster monkeys that wanted to grab and pull at it. I would suggest wearing simple clothing and little jewellery. 

– Have a healthy respect for the people of Padangtegal who own and run the forest. Remember that the Ubud monkey forest is not a zoo, it is a sanctuary and scared place of worship for locals. Respect the area, the people and the animals. We feel if you go as an observer and keep these tips in mind when visiting, you’re likely to have a positive & memorable experience.

If you’re interested in reading some personal accounts of the monkey forest check out, Our Big Fat Adventure and Nerd Nomads for some pretty scary stories!

Good Vibes,

Rochelle Fox