Healthy Breakfast: Brisbane’s Paw Paw Cafe Review

Paw Paw Cafe Review

The Wanderlife team and I are suckers for amazing breakfast spots across the globe. I however, being Australian, have been spoilt for choice and breakfast experiences and have become some what of a brekkie snob. Despite  globe trotting all over Europe, I’ve never seemed to of found any cafe’s that live up to my Australian Big breakfast standards . Luckily for me, I am currently back in Aus and recently discovered Paw Paw cafe during my road trip up the East Coast. It’s a big call but I am going to say that Paw Paw Cafe is one of the best Breakfast spots in the Brisbane area with a killer menu that leaves you spoilt for choice. If you don’t believe me then rock up on the weekend and see how packed they are for yourself and try anything on there menu. I’ll be surprised if you’re not planning your next visit! Or check out there instagram page with 30k+ foodies following here!

What I love most about Paw Paw is just how many healthy choices they have. The menu boats Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, and Dairy free options which will please the pickiest of breakfast hipsters and if you’re not on a health kick and want to indulge, then don’t worry there’s more than one or two indulgent choices for you too!

Here are my top 5 dishes to order from Paw Paw’s menu!


Superfood Greens

This gluten free, diary free, vegetarian creation is perfect if you’ve been naughty all week long and want to kick start your weekend the healthy way. Packed with everything green, this bowl has asparagus, broccolini, kale, spinach, roast sweet potato, pomegranate, goji berries, seeds, pumpkin puree & poached eggs. Pair it with a green juice and you’re good to go!

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Banoffee French toast

If you’re feeling a little naughty then the Banoffee French toast is a go to at Paw Paw. This Vegetarian dish is naughty but oh so nice with Brioche on the bottom layer with caramelised banana, salted caramel, honey cinnamon mascarpone, aerated chocolate. If you’re going all out then you can add double smoked bacon. Hmmm yes!!!

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Smashed Avocado and Pumpkin

My personal go to for breakfast is always avocado on toast, but Paw Paw have gotten creative with the cult favourites and added Pumpkin to keep Avo and toast connoisseurs like me on there toes. You can have this dish with rye bread or opt for it on gluten free toast and enjoy smashed avocado, pickled carrot, radish, pistachio dukkah & pumpkin puree. Need a protein hit? Just add two eggs any way you like and your sorted!

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Coco whip (coconut ice cream)

There’s not many things that are as on trend as coconut ice cream right now and Paw Paw have there finger on the pulse with there soft serve coco whip ice cream which is a diary alternative made from natural coconut water and coco probiotic.  It’s sugar free and 99% fat free. An added bonus is that it’s also gluten-free, dairy and lactose free making it the perfect vegan friendly treat. We highly recommend Paw Paw’s coco whip bowls from an refreshing fruity breakfast that’s guilt free.

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Vegan Donuts

Donuts are amazing and they don’t need much explaining but whats better than donuts you say? Vegan donuts in various flavours. We are a fan!

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What your favourite healthy breakfast spot in your corner of the globe?

Let us know in the comments bellow.

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