Minos Beach Art Hotel

MinosBeach2 (3 of 3)Minos Beach Art Hotel, Crete, Greece.

Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greek Islands
Waterfront, beautiful gardens, perfect for foodies and couples.

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Our Room
The private villa we stayed in featured a large bed, big bathroom, amazing balcony with table setting, private pool, TV, bar fridge, daybed & more. It was incredibly spacious inside & very comfortable. Though we spent little time indoors with the incredible setting surrounding us.

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– There are Villas & Bungalows available. Each Bungalow has it’s own waterfront pier with 2x private reserved sunbeds for you. There is a small ladder into the water, the perfect way to start your day, swimming in the clearest water we’ve ever seen.
– The Scenery. Minos Beach Art Hotel is picturesque in both it’s design and it’s location. We’ve never been somewhere with such incredible turquoise water, while enjoying a view of rolling mountains in the distance. The grounds are also scattered in various artworks, which is what gives the Hotel it’s ‘Art Hotel’ title. There’s always something to look at.

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– Nature. The focus of Minos Beach Art Hotel is on the element of Water and the hotel stretches along the seaside making the grounds lengthy and vast. The hotel itself is large enough to go for a jog within and walking through the incredibly well kept gardens that are bursting with colour will put anyone into instant chill out in nature mode.
– The Art. There’s a reason for Minos Beach being named an ‘Art Hotel’. Throughout the grounds there are countless Art installations, some permanent and others that change from season to season. The Art is an element that kept this hotel visually stimulating day after day during our stay, because we’d constantly find something new.

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The Blue Gr group out do themselves when it comes to their dining experiences. Eating at Minos Beach Hotel will spoil your taste buds and leave a lasting impression. The breakfast buffet is incredible and has a mix of classic english breakfast options and local cretan produce and dishes to try as well. Aside from the buffet there is also a cook on stand by, ready to make you a fresh omelette or crepe! For those that like to try new wines, each week the hotel puts on a local wine tasting using various local wineries. The hotel is also part of a group of Hotels each with their own incredible dinning experiences which are worth checking out. One evening we treated ourselves to the 7 course ‘Timeless Dinner’ at Minos Palace, which is Blue GR’s 360 degree Seaview restaurant, which we definitely recommend.
Outside of the Hotel it’s a 10-15 minute stroll into town along the water. In town you will find several restaurants, cafes & ice-cream parlours. Our go to restaurant during the trip was Karnagio, Agios Nikolaos, run by the super friendly George. Beware, you will leave stuffed and tipsy from Creatan Raki, which is a locally brewed spirit given complimentary after meals.

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Things to Keep in Mind
The hotel is so beautiful that we hardly left and felt we had everything we needed and more within the grounds. While that’s not a bad thing, we missed out a little on all that Crete has to offer, as it’s such a special & diverse island. We suggest making sure you pull yourself away from the hotel at least once and book a trip to any one of Crete’s other famous beaches. (look up Elafonisi Island & Chrissy Island, it will blow you away)

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The wifi worked fine for our purposes. As always, you cannot expect the same speed as a capital cities, but for email & social media it will do just fine.

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Reply August 10, 2015

OMG! Wonderful images! I have to visit this very soon! :)

Thanks for sharing! :)


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Joyce Pak
Reply August 28, 2015

Whoa, your photos are stunning. I love that orange dress while you are biking, and this hotel looks amazing to stay at. I recently went to Greece and I am having major, major withdrawals. I haven't been to Crete yet too, and hope I can go there soon!

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Reply August 29, 2015

omg this place in greece is stunning!! i love love every pic, the quality and the photographer are great and you have a great style!




Furore MAG
Reply August 30, 2015

Looks like the heaven on Earth!



Reply September 10, 2015

Beautiful photos! :) Greece has a special place in my heart - especially Athens :)


Shannon V
Reply September 19, 2015

Super beautiful photos. You always make me so jealous with all your travelling! Are those sea urchin safe to pick up though? I was told they are poisonous & to keep away from them whole diving, but maybe they’re evil urchins in Thailand haha Your photos are always such a lovely escape!


Reply September 25, 2015

These pictures are totally breathtaking! What a stunning hotel. I'm so glad I came across your blog!

Charlotte Dovle
Reply March 1, 2016

Love the edit on these photos! Going to Crete in June, can't wait after seeing this! ;)

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