One thing I’ve definitely learnt on my Europe trip so far is the importance of not slacking off my exercise routine. It’s been 1 and a half months since I left Sydney and I can definitely notice a difference in my mood and overall happiness capacity depending on wether or not I’ve been sticking to my active lifestyle or not. So much so that I can’t help but suspect that my panic attack in Berlin the other day (which I wrote about on instagram) was not helped by me having taken a few days off being active and outdoors. I had knuckled down on my laptop, stayed indoors most of the time and conveniently forgot to exercise or meditate for a couple days.  Being someone that’s suffered from anxiety, depression and panic attacks for years, I know that if don’t keep active my adrenaline and stress hormone levels can build up, putting extra pressure on my system, which would otherwise be released whilst being active and levelled out while quieting my mind. One thing that’s incredibly important to me as a human, more than anything else these days is to look after myself. I’ve chosen a life, where I chase moments not things. This means I’m very passionate about self care, self love, practicing happiness, meditating, nourishing my body, being active and all that jazz.

To give you a piece of my mind on how to maintain active living whilst abroad I’ve teamed up with the super inspiration team at Lorna Jane this week and written a piece on Lorna’s blog ‘Move, Nourish, Believe’. It’s full of my top tips, inspirational quotes and my personal travel snaps and I would love for you to give it a read.

P.S Hope you like these shots taken in Mykonos while Chris and I climbed a mountain near our resort, discovering local goats who where super cute and friendly. You can see more pics on Lorna’s Blog here. ox



  • July 16, 2014
Rochelle Fox
Rochelle Fox
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