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Checking out Berlin along my journey has been really great. The last 2 weeks have been all about working on the business, not in the business. We’ve kept outfit shoots to a minimum, to give time to just relax & integrate into our gorgeous Neuköln apartment. Chris’s family is from Germany and he used to live there during his childhood. So coming over and trying on the Berlin lifestyle for long enough to settle in was his idea.

During our time we explored the city, chilled in our apartment, attended Fashion Week, edited previous shoots, as well as gave our minds the creative freedom to work on side projects on the horizon.

I also got to catch up with Jake again, who’s journey brought him to Berlin as well after our Paris collab. We had an awesome breakfast near Charlotte burg, which is also a nice area to check out.

Attached in this post are some of my favorite Instagram pics from my time there, as well as some moody shots Chris took while we were exploring, to give you a feel for the surrounding area. I made a lot of great memories and it was awesome experiencing a city where free thinking is encouraged, creativity is praised and healthy food is embraced. There was an entirely organic supermarket 100m up the road called ‘The Bio Company’.

I can definitely see myself coming back next year, it’s been an experience 🙂

LOCATION – Berlin    PHOTOGRAPHY – Chris Soll

  • July 24, 2014

BERLIN-AIRBNB (2 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (3 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (21 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (22 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (23 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (24 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (25 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (26 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (27 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (28 of 33) BERLIN-AIRBNB (29 of 33)

For the Berlin leg of my European travel adventure, i’ve once again made use of Airbnb’s accommodation booking service. This time Chris and I managed to find an amazing massive artist warehouse conversion, right in the center of Neukölln. It’s been the perfect home away from home, open plan with lots of natural light, in one of the city’s trendy upcoming suburbs. The apartment has a huge work desk, large kitchen, a deep bathtub, polished floorboards, tall windows and an awesome stereo which thanks to the thick industrial concrete walls we were able to blast tunes from day and night, with no noise complaints.

I can’t imagine a better place to stay, it’s given the perfect Berlin experience. There is even a roof, which we could climb onto out the window to watch the stars at night.

Berlin is a huge city with so much to see and do. It’s a city all about space, freedom and creativity and being here has done wonders for my mindset. I hope these personal shots of our creative space & Berlin scenery inspire you to travel here sometime soon, it’s a seriously cool city.

P.S. To inspire you some more, I’ve created a Berlin Dreaming AirBnB Wishlist to show you some cool spaces in the area that I also love, check it out here.
Plus if you sign up to Airbnb via and use the code ‘RFOX8’ you’ll get a discount off ur first booking 🙂 x

  • July 22, 2014

One thing I’ve definitely learnt on my Europe trip so far is the importance of not slacking off my exercise routine. It’s been 1 and a half months since I left Sydney and I can definitely notice a difference in my mood and overall happiness capacity depending on wether or not I’ve been sticking to my active lifestyle or not. So much so that I can’t help but suspect that my panic attack in Berlin the other day (which I wrote about on instagram) was not helped by me having taken a few days off being active and outdoors. I had knuckled down on my laptop, stayed indoors most of the time and conveniently forgot to exercise or meditate for a couple days.  Being someone that’s suffered from anxiety, depression and panic attacks for years, I know that if don’t keep active my adrenaline and stress hormone levels can build up, putting extra pressure on my system, which would otherwise be released whilst being active and levelled out while quieting my mind. One thing that’s incredibly important to me as a human, more than anything else these days is to look after myself. I’ve chosen a life, where I chase moments not things. This means I’m very passionate about self care, self love, practicing happiness, meditating, nourishing my body, being active and all that jazz.

To give you a piece of my mind on how to maintain active living whilst abroad I’ve teamed up with the super inspiration team at Lorna Jane this week and written a piece on Lorna’s blog ‘Move, Nourish, Believe’. It’s full of my top tips, inspirational quotes and my personal travel snaps and I would love for you to give it a read.

P.S Hope you like these shots taken in Mykonos while Chris and I climbed a mountain near our resort, discovering local goats who where super cute and friendly. You can see more pics on Lorna’s Blog here. ox



  • July 16, 2014

Life is just a ride. It’s got ups and downs, twist and turns, fear, happiness, uncertainty, anticipation and all that jazz. A trip to Europa Park last week to ride Europe’s biggest Roller-coasters gave me a chance to experience the physical version of this ride, but at the same time came with a deep realisation. In this story we like to call life, you must have the ups to feel the downs and the downs to feel the ups, the same way in which a Roller-coaster must first climb in order to drop and create that thrill of excitement. Life is a lot like that, providing these contrasting experiences moment to moment, for us to experience in their fullness. The present moment is after all, all there ever is. I filmed our Europa Park Roller-coaster adventure and cut together a little youtube clip, which you can check out above. It cracks me up to watch it, party because I never knew I could make so many facial expressions, but also because I can see many of life’s emotions condensed in the moments i filmed. There’s fear, hope, happiness, excitement, a little sadness, elation, risk, it’s a highlights reel of some of life’s peaking emotions, condensed into a 20 second ride. It reminds me that life is just a ride and that there’s nothing to be scared of. If you are someone that’s scared of Roller-coasters, or sometimes scared of life and what it might bring you next, maybe it’s time you just hop on and lock yourself in. You’re safe, the world will just keep spinning, even if for you things go upside down, they will always come back up and even out again. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, that’s where those magic little pockets of happiness are waiting, ready for you in the present moment.



  • July 08, 2014