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Hello there my internet friend.

It’s so nice to have you here, thank you for taking the time to let me share with you Wanderlife’s corner of the world wide web.

My name is Rochelle Fox and I’m the editor and entrepreneur behind

What is a Wanderlife? Well, it’s my definition of a life well traveled and a life well lived.
It hasn’t been long since Wanderlife came to life. In early 2015 i sought a change in my career focus, shifting it from being a lone ‘Fashion Blogger’, to something larger & more exciting.
Wanting to do more, see more, be more and inspire more, led me into the travel & lifestyle domain. After some soul searching, a vision was born, which has since manifested into, a travel and lifestyle blog for those seeking adventure and inspiration to live their best life, or as i call it, a Wanderlife.

Starting a blog with a focus on travel requires some serious wandering, so in June 2015 my life took an exciting turn. My partner in life as well as business, Chris Soll and I decided to pack our bags and embark on our own Wanderlife quest. As a result we are now both full time travellers and online entrepreneurs, with no permanent residence and little material possessions. Just a couple of minds overflowing with ideas, goals & big dreams which we work on every day.

Here on Wanderlife you will see our story unfold, the story of some adventure seeking wanderers just like you. Our mission is to share little bursts of inspiration and motivation, to encourage you to live your best life as well, because everyone deserves a life that is well traveled and a life that is well lived.

Good vibes always.

Fox & The Wanderlife team.