Life is just a ride. It’s got ups and downs, twist and turns, fear, happiness, uncertainty, anticipation and all that jazz. A trip to Europa Park last week to ride Europe’s biggest Roller-coasters gave me a chance to experience the physical version of this ride, but at the same time came with a deep realisation. In this story we like to call life, you must have the ups to feel the downs and the downs to feel the ups, the same way in which a Roller-coaster must first climb in order to drop and create that thrill of excitement. Life is a lot like that, providing these contrasting experiences moment to moment, for us to experience in their fullness. The present moment is after all, all there ever is. I filmed our Europa Park Roller-coaster adventure and cut together a little youtube clip, which you can check out above. It cracks me up to watch it, party because I never knew I could make so many facial expressions, but also because I can see many of life’s emotions condensed in the moments i filmed. There’s fear, hope, happiness, excitement, a little sadness, elation, risk, it’s a highlights reel of some of life’s peaking emotions, condensed into a 20 second ride. It reminds me that life is just a ride and that there’s nothing to be scared of. If you are someone that’s scared of Roller-coasters, or sometimes scared of life and what it might bring you next, maybe it’s time you just hop on and lock yourself in. You’re safe, the world will just keep spinning, even if for you things go upside down, they will always come back up and even out again. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, that’s where those magic little pockets of happiness are waiting, ready for you in the present moment.



  • July 08, 2014
Rochelle Fox
Rochelle Fox
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