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10 Reasons why Bol, a little Croatian island fishing village should be on your travel list.

During our month long visit to Croatia this Summer, I found myself spending a week in the magical little beach side town of Bol, situated on the island of Brac. ‘Magic’ is a strong word, but it’s the best one i have to describe what my time in Bol was like. It was nothing I expected and everything I wanted, but I didn’t know I wanted or needed it before i got there.

Here are 10 reasons why Bol should be on your to travel list!

1. Chilled Vibes. Bol is mega chilled, no cars around, cobble stone streets, street vendors, very chilled. Everything you need is in walking distance, which makes exploring easy and instantly makes you relax during your time there. A holiday destination without traffic noise if something we all need, but don’t often consider when booking our destinations. Bol will get you out of the rat race and into island mode in no time!

2. It’s home to Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn). It’s an incredibly unique place, a cobble stone beach, creating incredibly light blue water over a long shallow. The sunsets here are amazing.

3. The water in Bol looks like it’s dropped from heaven. Bol boast some of the most majestic looking water you will ever see. Not only is it crystal clear, but it’s not just isolated to one swimming spot. Literally anywhere you decide to swim in Bol will take your breath away, with it’s shallow beaches, that create that much sough after sapphire blue, there’s no place I’ve been to quite like it!

4. The silence, Bol’s quiet, but not in a boring way. There’s great places to go out, have a drink and a dance, but you won’t find a ’pumping nightclub’ or loud pub which makes it the perfect place to escape and enjoy the Croatian coastline in it’s natural atmosphere away from rowdy tourists.

5. There’s a 7am-11pm fresh fruit and vegetable market on every day. The struggle is real when it comes to travel and finding fresh healthy food, but Bol allowed us to avoid the usual fresh food scavenger mode. Just up from the mini market are three thriving market stalls, run by locals with anything and everything you could want. After a week of partying in Hvar, Bol’s fresh fruit and vegetable stalls provided us with a week of nourishment and amazing fresh produce, we literally made huge salads everyday and enjoyed snacking on fresh fruit and locally grown figs.

6. The Locals. There’s a small town community energy in Bol that embraces you upon arrival and stays with you during your stay. Unlike a lot of European hot spots, Bol has managed to keep it’s authentic feel, without yet becoming a highly sought after tourist destination, giving you a real feel of what life is like on the Croatian coast line.

7. The mountain backdrop. It’s rare to have such a unique mix of Crystal clear water, waterfront village living & a mountain backdrop, but it has magical effect as you look around exploring.

8. It’s close to the rest of Croatia. From Bol you can take a ferry for about an hour to Split or further up the coast towards Dubrovnik. It feels cut off, but it’s not, which is perfect 🙂

9. No big hotels, high risers or commercial buildings.
Finding accommodation in Bol is best taken care of through sites like www.airbnb.com, where locals rent out small units and apartments within the town to tourists. The lack of commercial accommodation further enhances the local feel of the town and keeps the number of tourists at any one time staying in the centre on the manageable side.

10. Witbit water park. If you like the idea of a blow up inflatable jumping castle in the middle of crystal clear water, complete with a trampoline, waterslide and monkey bars, then Bol is your dream come true. Just off the famous Zlatni Rat beach, you’ll find Witbit water park and for around 10 Euros, you’re in for a good hour of laughs. I highly recommend bringing a GoPro like we did and filming your adventure, as you’re sure to have some hilarious falls, making for awesome YouTube/Holidays videos.

  • October 14, 2015
Rochelle Fox
Rochelle Fox
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Reply October 15, 2015

Great reasons, looks like a wonderful destination!

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Laura Mareno
Reply October 15, 2015

I've never heard of this place but it looks awesome!! Great photos!! kisses:D


Diva In me
Reply October 17, 2015

I've not heard of Bol but it sure looked like a beautiful place especially for honeymoon or for a quiet getaway. Good to know that there's no high-rise hotels. Airbnb are such warm blessings when it comes to accommodations.

Prudence Yeo
Reply October 19, 2015

Just looking at these lovely pictures make me want to visit :)! Thanks for sharing!


Maddy & Mauricio
Reply October 20, 2015

This place looks amazing! The fruit looks so fresh, and that water is unreal! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth T
Reply October 20, 2015

Oh wow, these photos are amazing! :) It looks like the perfect summer getaway! <3 Thank you so much for sharing!

XO, Elizabeth


Reply October 23, 2015

this pics are amazing. I miss the sun and this place looks great. ciao gloria


Whitney V
Reply October 25, 2015

These pics are AMAZING! Ok, I'm sold, wanna go now!!!!!



Reply October 27, 2015

These photos are simply amazing! Love it Rochelle! I want to go now too...


Mary Davis
Reply January 7, 2016

Nice Location !!
I am very excited to visit this island, it looks very beautiful.
These images are awesome !! Great !

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